Politics All Around The World

Where can you see politics in this world? Almost everywhere politics is available, be it in schools, colleges, work place, business, country politics or even at your home wherever you can think where people meet together and try to work together, they would definitely see quite a lot of politics. Politics is one such phase in everyone’s life that puts in a kind of greed in order to excel in life one has to beat another. This is the dirtiest politics we are talking about, not bearable and intolerable by many people in this world, and no one would definitely appreciate this kind of politics off course. But do you think there is always a bad politics everywhere? Not at all. There are various kinds of politics in different fields which one has to use in order to work for the betterment of another; some term it is as diplomatic behavior, which is true to some extent.

Gender discrimination

Whether it is men or women, politics is prevalent almost in everyone and everywhere. In order to get through this kind of politics, both men and women have to struggle. In most of the countries, people willing to join politics and diplomat team, there is always a gender discrimination. People worry about how can a woman handle big issues while she is the sole issue creator in many cases; well, this is not a joke, it is a very true fact that people think this way and it is almost impossible to get this out from anyone’s mind. Its become a human tendency these days that women are neglected in most of the fields. Now this is what we call the gender discrimination. If you give a chance to prove their worth, women can definitely win over everyone’s heart and mind very easily.

Politics in every field of life

People are facing racial discrimination in most of the countries even till today. The age old apartheid is still being practiced in remote countries which is a pathetic news to pen about. However, can we really help it? There is such politics in the field of health policy, education, civil rights, and many others around the world. Unless this discrimination and politics is being resolved it can never bring any change to the country of life of the people living.

Good politics

This is hardly seen anywhere, however an ideal politics can be only imagined these days in a few organizations or country. A young politician can work for the betterment of the city, work towards all the social and economical as well as political imbalance that the city has and work hard for the betterment of the city. This would definitely make a big difference to the nation. If you start a small reformation from your home, expand it to your city and then move on to improvise this to the whole nation, then this is what we call the idealistic politics and national reforms. However, is this really possible to implement, is the real open ended question that we all need to ask among ourselves; and remember, this is not to be done just by a single person, it is in the hands of each and everyone of us.