Money In Politics Can Make Us Unaffordable For Anything

One thing every citizen should ask for themselves is – ‘does spending more money make us feel better?’  More than 60% people all around the world would agree that they spend more, they would feel bad about their helpless condition and also it is very true to its core, that spending more money in things like healthcare or anything else would make us only feel unhappy. Pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, hospitals are all after money; even for a single admin you will have shed thousands of dollars and without shedding money, you will never get the desired quality  of service at all. This is just one simple example we can give in our day to day life. There are tons of these lined up and requiring your attention; this will make you feel even more frustrated at times.

How to protect the status quo?

Law makers have are never bothered to think from both the parties’ perspective. Many legal laws consider either from only a consumer perspective or the producer perspective, which is most likely to happen. This can definitely create chaos in the society, who can stop this? What should be done in such situations? Is the law protecting only the producers and the consumers are left stray? Yes in many cases this is the bitter truth that you can see anywhere in the world or in any field you try to dig into.

Corruption vs. the free market

Wherever you go there is a lot of corruption in almost every field; in underdeveloped countries the law is not so strict, so bribery is very much encouraged in almost every Government offices; without bribing you can never get your work done regardless of how long you are ready to wait for your work completion; your file wouldn’t move up in the ladder at all. Now this kind of corruption drains away all the money from your pocket and fills up in the corrupted officer’s pocket. In such situation, it is very difficult to save money since people are hunger of money and make moves only when you throw them money in their pocket. Such is the greed of money and politics in most of the fields, which no one is bothered to even look at. This is the major source of income to many of the officials by even bribing from the poor and needy. How many times have you ever seen people running up and down the Government office for getting their hard earned pension? Again this is mostly prevalent in the under nourished and under developed countries only.

Money coming from the public is very helpful to the politicians. They can use it for the betterment of their self, their party or any other selfish deeds and not for the good of the people in many cases. Politics is such as field where a person enters and forgets this ethical way of living and leads a shameless life grabbing money from the tax payers or any other means of grabbing money from people.