Law And Order In Politics – Is This Fair?

Politics is the only field in which law and order in many situations are just ignored and no one does anything about it. Is this fair? Can people bear such a partiality happening to them and their society? This is the most common question you should be asking this to anyone in your community and people in and around you. However, this is such an uncontrollable situation, that no one can ever even listen to them. Law and order in politics refers to the criminal justice which is especially closely related to violence, crime, penalties and many more bad dark things of our society. These penalties include longer terms of imprisonment, strikes, fine, punishment or sentencing, jail, and many others. However many argue that law and order if followed strictly can help beat the crime quickly. This doesn’t really sound true because first of all, following law and order is very difficult, and besides this, following what it takes to be the difficult most path, will still not make big reforms in people.


Law and order is the perfect political theme followed in almost every country, and nook and corner of the world. It is a powerful conservative that one needs to make a strong check in order to stop doing any more crimes. The main aim of politics in the crime are should have been to bring the law and order and enforce them to get things on the right path and get going so that you can achieve piece in your community and on the whole in the country and then world.


There are tons of domestic crimes, street crimes, murders, robbery etc all over the world. People break the law and order in order to commit such crimes, no matter who is entitled to control them. However, what is politics doing in this case? In some situations, it will create its own impact whether positive or negative on the people. Sometimes politics might try to cut the crime, while on the other hand, politics can even encourage to a large extent to do more crimes in this world, just for their party or personal benefits which is highly not respectable.  There has been a sharp raise of crimes all over the world and it has been very difficult situation to handle things that smoothly.


So what would be the consequences of not following law and order in politics? Obviously it would lead to chaos and there is no doubt about it at all. Besides this, law and order can also help decrease crime if people as well as the Government try to check them very honestly and not just thinking of their own personal benefits. Though crime has become an international issue in most of the countries, it is well associated with the law. Many attorneys fight against the crime and try to get the justice for people; while many others take the opponent’s party and make them the hero in spite of committing the crime; now this is what we term as politics associated with crime.