Does Politics Exist In Your Community?

Politics exists almost in every field of life, whether it is at school, college, work place or even in your community. Society is a place where lot of people live, work, mingle and get together. Where there are people, there is off course the unavoidable sticky thing so called the politics. Off course this is the sticky thing as well as very contagious and spreads so easily. Moreover, it is always true that this can be one of the biggest nightmares our community always has. Besides this, community always has ups and downs since tons of people are involved in this. This kind of politics might be because of various reasons which you can never ever guess. Besides this, politics can be because of gaining power, to gain power in the community, to put someone down, to bring someone to their level for competition, and many others. The reasons could be unknown because people are very diplomatic and un open able.

Rigid mindset

Some people in the community are striving hard to cut down this kind of politics. If there are community meetings, again there is this so called politics. Hence it is very difficult to control the politics as well as people who do the politics and drag them back to a better behaving world, thus making them having a rigid mindset. However, it has been so difficult to convince them in many cases, that they will never change despite of any kind of treatment they are given. This is what we call a rigid mindset. While some have this kind of case, many others will have cases like they want to change themselves and the people around them; but they are not able to do that. This can make their life so miserable, believe me they will not only disturb themselves, but also spoil other’s image.

What can change this situation?

Although this kind of situation is very tough to handle, this is becoming so difficult to get rid of things like this. Since this change has to be brought in the entire community, just changing one person will not make that much of difference in all. However, as the famous saying goes, when you have to fix something, start it with a small thing, and then keep proceeding to bigger things. This kind of situation is very critical and everyone needs to think about it very seriously. Besides this, I can also say that this situation is so much important to change because; politics is like fire and it can spread so wildly that it has the capacity to burn the entire community. Here, burning the entire community doesn’t really mean burning literally. However, it is very difficult to say what exactly might happen, but whatever happens will definitely create chaos in the society.

More than all this, even elections sometimes creates trouble adding to this kind of situation. With all these situations keeping in mind, going through the political phase in the community can be very tough job, but this is not termed as impossible.