Breaking Down Mobile Apps Development Costs

When looking for app development articles, you may have already seen countless of tips for first time developers or how to make your projects successful. Very little of these sources may have provided you with the detail information regarding mobile apps development, whether in Atlanta or abroad.

However, one important factor you need to take note of when developing an app is the cost. How much does it really cost you to make a mobile application? Finances should always be addressed during the development because money is definitely needed to get your product out there.

Average Cost

  • A mobile app development in Atlanta usually costs $25,000 for the basic apps to be marketed in just one platform while big apps can cost up to $100,000.
  • The average cost of developing an app depends on its complexity, features, and the type of platform you will market it to or how many platforms you want your app to be in.
  • The money you will need to build your app will also depend on what company will build it. If you want a high-end agency to handle the project, you will need more money. However, offshore developers may do the project for a relatively lower price.
  • You will also need to include in your budget the cost for updates, your salary and marketing strategies.

Cost of Startup Mobile Apps Company

  • Some experts say that the money needed to fund a startup should be around $750,000.
  • Regardless of the amount of money, this big a money is needed because there are more factors involved when building your own company. Accounting, comparable and legal fees can cost up to $120,000. A team of four people has a total of $35,000 in salary per month. If you are going to compute it in relation to the number of months to finish the first version of the mobile app, you will need between $140,000 and $210,000. Application development takes around 4 to 6 months to finish.

Small Shops vs. Giant Companies

  • If you are outsourcing the project development, it is important to note the costs if you’re hiring a small shop or a big company.
  • A big company is the harder to please among these two options. The people from application development industries have said you won’t be able to have your app made with the giant companies, unless you have half a million to pay them. In some instances, the asking price is even higher than that.
  • A small company may be able to accept the project if you have at least $150,000 sans the update costs. You may add a hundred more to your budget if you want a company to do updates. The truth is, once your app is out there on the platforms, ready for downloading, you will need to keep it relevant and user-engaged by making modifications every now and then. On average, mobile app owners let companies update their application once every month.

At the end of the day, mobile apps development in Atlanta or any other place will require you to shell out money. You need to be financially capable if you ever want to break into the business of application development.